Breathing new life into tired living spaces.

We are custom renovation experts. From kitchens and bathrooms to home additions—home renovations are the right answer when you want to freshen up your home and add value to your property.

Get Creative

From fixtures to finishes—your custom renovation will reflect your style and taste.

Improve Sustainability

A renovation is the perfect time to make energy-efficient upgrades.

Improve Functionality

Correct poor layouts and add storage space.

Increase Value

A custom renovation can significantly increase your home's value.

Types of Renovations

Home renovations are all about taking worn out spaces and elevating them to reflect your style and taste. Every aspect of a custom renovation is built around your vision. Even if you’re not sure what your plan is—we will meet with you to hear your ideas and determine what service will work best for you and your budget.

Whole Home Renovations

Keep everything you love about your house and refresh everything you don’t. A whole home renovation will make your home feel new again.


Take an ordinary kitchen and make it extraordinary. From the layout, to fixtures and finishes—the possibilities are endless. It’s time to create the kitchen of your dreams.


A customized bathroom can do wonders for any home. Create the functional and fabulous oasis you’ve always wanted.


A custom suite renovation will create a comfortable and updated living space that can be used as a mortgage helper or an in-law suite.

Outdoor Living

Think outside your home. Make your outdoor living space the quintessential entertaining area or a relaxing spot to unwind.

Explore Renovations:

Vintage Home Renovation with Modern Finishes in King Edward

King Edward, Vancouver


Whole Home Renovation



Contemporary Renovation of an Outdated 80’s Family Home

Madely, North Vancouver


Multiple Bathroom Upgrade in Chaucer

Chaucer, North Vancouver


Burkhill House

West Vancouver


Outdoor Living Extension to Burnaby Home



Townhouse Upgrades



Building a basement suite



Open Concept Kitchen



Renovating a Kitchen into a Family-Friendly Space

Dumfries Street, Vancouver


Kitchen rebuild

North Vancouver


Remodel & Renovation

Upper Lonsdale, North Vancouver


Outdoor Retaining Wall

North Vancouver


Master Bedroom Addition

Kitsilano, Vancouver


Commercial Drive Suite Renovation with an Industrial Feel

Commercial Drive, East Vancouver


Home Extension

Edgemont Village, North Vancouver


Full Home & Kitchen Renovation

New Westminster


Outdoor, Free-Standing Cedar Deck for Shaughnessy Home

Shaughnessy, Vancouver


Suite Remodel



Timeless Home Renovation in Ridgeway

Ridgeway, North Vancouver


Renovating a Whistler townhouse



Heritage Building Window Upgrades

Alexander Street, Gastown, Vancouver


Heritage Home Renovation

East Vancouver


Creating a kitchen addition

North Vancouver


Craftsman Home Renovation



The Process

By keeping it simple from the get go, it allows everyone to have a clear understanding of the course ahead. We meet to discuss your project, we build our team, we estimate the job, we determine timelines, then we begin the work.

Step 1

Let's Meet

This first meeting is important because it establishes our rapport. We want to hear what you have to say. What is your vision? How can we make that achievable? Who are we working with; an architect, designer or is this project still an idea in your head? Establishing the perimeters of your project in this first meeting is essential as well. Your budget, lifestyle and goals will dictate the end result. We want to make sure you get what you are hoping for.

Step 2

The Design

The renovation you’re considering has probably been brewing in your mind for months, perhaps years. Ideas for improvement come from various avenues, be they architectural periodicals or professional designers. Whatever your source, the earlier you include us in the discussion the better. We can provide invaluable information on municipality guidelines, structural challenges, environmental restrictions or energy efficiencies. We can work with your team be it an architect, designer, envelope specialist. Or, if you are looking for some guidance in that area, we can refer you to numerous excellent designers. Once you approve the plan, the project will advance to the next step. Permits.

Step 3

Estimate & Contract

With an approved plan in hand, now we can provide you with a comprehensive, realistic estimate that will include a final budget range. The quality level of your vision will guide us in our sourcing of materials and craftsmanship. When the estimate is agreed upon, the next step is signing the contract.

Step 4

Let’s Build

A signed contract allows us to submit the necessary paperwork to obtain your permits. Now the work begins. Perhaps we have to tear down before we can build up. Rest assured we can handle all aspects of your renovation. You can keep track of our progress and your budget through the use of Buildertrend Platform software. We believe in openness so there will be no surprises as the work evolves.

Client Story

Madeley Home Renovation

“We purchased an original mid-1980’s single-family house that was in desperate need of a renovation. We had a very tight timeline between purchase and when we had to move in, but they did an amazing job of getting the bedrooms and main bathrooms done in a very short time. They turned our house into a home.”

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