Timeless Home Renovation in Ridgeway

Timeless Home Renovation in Ridgeway

Location: Ridgeway, North Vancouver
Date: June 24, 2014
Renovations And Additions
timeless home

The Ridgeway Home Renovation is the product of our client’s truly timeless design vision.

We stripped the interior of the entire home right down to bare stud, removing all the electrical, plumbing and insulation to achieve a clean slate. We worked with a third party designer to come up with the dream space.

The kitchen was inspired by a timeless, painted shaker white finish. The design is an absolute classic. Stainless appliances bring out the modern feel while the standard width hardwood floor keeps the earthy tones flowing. Farmhouse style sinks paired with extremely functional traditional faucets maintain the classic look of this beautiful kitchen.

Keeping this theme throughout, the rest of the house was a continuation of the shaker white look. This home renovation will stand the test of time.

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