5 Easy Ways to Modernize an 80s House

In today’s housing market, many people are opting to renovate rather than purchase a new home, and who can blame them? It’s easy to fixate on outdated kitchens and bathrooms and feel like there’s no way you can update your home’s look. The great news is, you can! Here are five easy ways to modernize an 80s house. For those looking for a more professional update, check out this 80s contemporary home renovation.


1. Strip wallpaper and paint

There’s not much a fresh coat of paint can’t transform. Remove your flowery wallpaper and leafy borders and revitalize your interiors with painted patterns, light colours, off-whites and neutrals. You can even paint over old wood wall paneling and ceilings, once you’ve scraped off the popcorn ceilings of course.

New paint renovation

2. Replace drawer pulls and door handles

While you may be desperate to replace your laminate countertops and country cabinets, a full kitchen renovation may be out of your budget. However, you can easily replace your cabinetry and modernize your 80s classic in an instant. There are endless options for drawer pulls and door handles and you will love how easy it is to change your cabinets from dated to modern. Replace hinges and pulls with modern matching hardware in metallic shades of nickel, chrome or pewter.

improve your furnature for renovations

3. Recover your windows

Heavy fabrics, ties, fringed trim and roller shades are all hallmarks of an 80s house. Updating your window treatments will instantly modernize your home and add interesting new features for you to appreciate and admire. If you can swing it, consider ditching the window coverings altogether, but if privacy is your main concern, look for horizontal blinds, lightweight curtains or modern shades..

4. Update old outlet covers

Make your 80s home feel brand new by replacing your cracked, almond, brass or off-white outlet covers with new, modern switches. This is an often-overlooked update that is inexpensive and makes a big difference to making a home feel updated. There are thousands of modern designs to choose from, including wireless socket switches, flip-up outlets and dimmers.

electric outlets in home renovaton

When you’re ready to update your home, begin by focusing on the things you can change. Larger renovations like changing your floor plan or increasing natural light call for larger timelines and should include industry professionals. We started out 20 years ago with home renovations, so if you’re looking to modernize your 80s home, get in touch. Every project we work on is driven by our passion for putting the customer first.

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