Heron Beach Renovation, West Vancouver

Heron Beach Renovation, West Vancouver

Location: West Vancouver
Year: 2022
modern dining room with huge horizontal glass window to the left overlooking large balcony and Pacific Ocean in West Vancouver

One of the biggest perks about living oceanside in West Vancouver is the wide-open natural landscape. We wanted to help our client achieve even more amazing views from their home, which was the focus of our latest waterfront renovation project.

In the 1990s, this home was renovated to suit its bachelor owner—it was a masculine party house with speaker wires everywhere. Our project began by ripping out the big gas stove, huge hood fan and dated fireplace in order to bring in a more elegant finish.

Highlights from this project include:

  • Transformed two dormers into one huge dormer to expand the master bathroom
  • Added glass railings around the upper deck, giving unobstructed ocean views
  • Replaced a closed staircase with modern open metal stringer stairs

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This was an onion renovation

Like any reno project, this one had layers. The deeper we went, the more issues we discovered. Thankfully, these led to opportunities to make the home safer and even more beautiful.

On the main floor, we had to do major beam work in order to make it structurally sound. This led to ripping the ceilings down and installing a steel beam. The process allowed us to remove the drop beams and make the ceilings higher and flush.

We were able to keep the existing hardwood floors with some patching and repairing, and after the fireplace was refinished and the room decorated with artwork from Kelly Grace and Gordon Smith, it lost any hints of its previous look and feel.

A central closed-in staircase was destined to become the focal point of the room. We took out the walls and replaced them with glass panels. The stairs were upgraded to elegant metal fabricated stairs with a wood cap and treads to match the flooring.

The powder room also received an overhaul and everything from wallpaper to fixtures was replaced and upgraded.

Achieving those ocean views

We set out to keep the original deck railings, but as we peeled back the layers we discovered rot in many areas. As we repaired and re-waterproofed the deck, it uncovered more rot downstairs that needed to be dealt with.

In order to prevent future deck rot, we used robust, hardie (cement-based) materials. We also replaced the existing railing with side-mounted glass. This allows water to cascade off the deck, so there’s no chance for it to penetrate into the deck membrane.

We were also able to extend the outside deck and add a large covered area with lights, outdoor heaters and couches so the homeowners could utilize their deck year-round.

Upgrading the master ensuite

Upstairs we had the opportunity to reconfigure the layout of the bathroom and ensuite. This included moving major plumbing and opening up the space.

Jessica from Jessica Bremner Design was our designer for the entire project and helped us rework the bathroom and closet layout to make it work better for the space.

Our team was able to find space by opening up the second floor ceiling and changing two dormers into one huge dormer. This opened up the whole roof and allowed for a walk-in closet, an ensuite bathroom and a hall bathroom.

Outside, we added a rooftop deck off the master bedroom and added a privacy wall. The final step was to retie the cedar shake roof and match the cedar shake siding to make it look seamless with the rest of the house.

All in all, this was a fabulous and successful project.

To recap, this major renovation and addition included:

  • Renovating the upstairs master and hall bathrooms
  • Opening up the second-floor ceiling
  • Adding an upper deck and covered deck
  • Repairing the deck and adding new railings
  • Refinishing and reinstalling the deck boards
  • Replacing and opening up the staircase on the main floor
  • Major beam work on the main floor
  • Updating the fireplace
  • Refinishing and repairing the wood floors
  • Renovating the powder room

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