Top Asked Renovation & Construction Project Questions

Have a question about your next renovation, remodel or construction project? Have a look through our FAQs here. If you can't find what you're looking for our team would be happy to answer your questions anytime.

Any pre-existing plans or property information available is always appreciated but not required. Being able to assess the physical space is an asset. Any additional details needed will be requested once we have our consultation.

Our projects are typically structured as cost plus, which means the costs are not fixed payments ahead of time. We bill out on a bi-weekly basis with detailed backup. This process is explained in detail during your consultation.

We offer design tech services. Our talented designers will help bring your vision to life. They will oversee your project and advise you of any necessary adjustments as the project unfolds.

We are open to working with external designers. We would request a meeting with you and your chosen designer to ensure we are a good fit for your project.

We operate primarily on a cost plus basis, meaning the budget is an ideal and not a fixed amount. Our goal is to stay within your budget, but as we all know any renovation or construction has unexpected challenges that can arise during the project. We keep you informed every step of the way, and send detailed change orders explaining any extraneous costs.

Adhering to timelines is one of the most important aspects of our job. When we estimate a project we always include a timeline that is reasonable and attainable. Any unforeseen delays will be brought to your attention immediately so we are always on the same page.

Keeping all our worksites as clean as possible is something we take great pride in. Disposal bins will ensure that all scrap materials and garbage have a place to go—anything that can be recycled will be kept orderly and consistently dropped off at a recycling station. All worksites will be left in a tidy manner at the end of each workday. Once a project is done, our professional cleaning staff will come in and thoroughly clean your new space, including windows.

Absolutely! We will do a thorough inventory of all the fixtures, doors, windows, etc. We will make a list of salvageable materials that could be used in your new home for you to review and decide on.

A Passive Home is the leading standard of energy-efficient design and sustainable construction. Passive Homes require very little energy as compared to standard homes and can reduce heating and cooling costs up to 90%.

Yes. Our Owner-Operator, Andrew Kennedy is a certified Passive Home tradesperson.

A certified Passive Home specialist has to be brought onboard to do all the calculations and modelling to ensure the design meets Passive Home Standards. While it is a more rigorous process—the result is really exceptional and you will have the most energy-efficient home around. See our Passive Home page for more information.