3 Master Bedroom Addition Ideas to Add Space and Value to Your Home

If you’re feeling like you could use a bit more space, and you want to invest in a renovation that will add value to your home, these three master bedroom addition ideas will help you start planning. And if you want some real-life inspiration, you’ll want to see our Kitsilano master bedroom addition.


A bedroom addition is cheaper and less involved than building an additional storey or adding an entire room, and can be anything from a small bump-out to an entire micro-addition.

1. Extend your floor plan

Maybe you’re dreaming of sleeping on a huge king size bed but your bedroom just doesn’t have the capacity. Or perhaps you’re thinking about adding an en suite bathroom or an extra nook or two. It may be possible for you to extend your master bedroom out a bit, and when it comes to personal space, a little goes a long way!

Things to consider

Before you pull up any carpet or swing a sledgehammer anywhere near your master bedroom, make sure your idea is feasible and realistic. Some floor plan extensions can be done for as little as $80 per square foot but this can easily double or even triple, so make sure to do your research before diving in.

What you can do with your addition will depend on what storey your master bedroom is on. If it’s the first floor, you may be sacrificing part of your yard or garden and you’ll need to consider foundation extensions as well. If your master bedroom is on a second or third floor, consider finding ways to incorporate the addition into your external design, including the roof, so the addition looks cohesive.

2. Build a walk-in closet

Adding a walk-in closet to your master bedroom may feel like a small improvement but it can make a big difference. If you have the space, you won’t regret having a walk-in closet. These spaces can be any size but even a small closet can help you stay organized.

Things to consider

If you’ve watched any home organizing shows then you’ve seen the stunning, massive walk-in closets inspiring suburbanites across the nation. And while back lighting, a rack for all your shoes and floor-to-ceiling shelves are all amazing value adds, make sure they mesh with your budget and your space before designing a celebrity lookalike walk-in closet.

If you’re wondering how to maximize your closet in a small space, consider built-in adjustable shelving, upper cabinets, hooks and installing an organizational closet system.

3. Add a seating area

Something as simple as adding a comfortable chair can turn your master bedroom into an oasis where you can escape to after a long day for some peace and relaxation. You may have the space already, and just need to develop a new master bedroom design, or you may have to borrow space from another part of the house for this addition.

Things to consider

When adding a seating area, you may also want to add fixtures like a fireplace or installed shelving, or even change your lighting to create a cozy area. Make sure to work with your contractor to develop your plan, and price it out before you get started.

Seating areas can be as simple as a writing desk or as luxurious as a miniature living room with beautiful furnishings. Plan to use at least 150 square feet for this master bedroom addition.

Indoor Renovation of laneway house construction

Thinking through different master bedroom addition ideas can be exciting, and it can be a wonderful way to add space without having to move to a new place. It’s a smart investment that can add value to your home and make your living space more comfortable.

If you’d like to explore what a master bedroom addition could look like, give the Kennedy Construction team a call. No matter the project, we build to the highest industry standards, crafting better and more energy-efficient homes to achieve clean, comfortable living.

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