Craftsman Build With Custom Carpentry, North Vancouver

Craftsman Build With Custom Carpentry, North Vancouver

Location: North Vancouver
Date: November 2014
Family Homes

Some of the most appealing homes on the market today are those crafted in the style of days gone by.

Kennedy Construction embraced the design of this particular home because it called for open living space in the interior and a classic look on the exterior. We pulled out the stops when it came to building this home, focusing on details that captured the warmth and character for which the owner was striving.

Window detailing, soffit, gable ends, knee braces and sidewall cedar shakes helped to create that expertly-crafted look. This huge project had many different facets, requiring organized thought, and detailed planning.

The hard work and creativity of our carpenters were especially important, as the highlight of this beautiful home is the enormous amount of custom woodworking throughout. The interior and exterior cedar shingle corners were woven together instead of nailed in. Post detailing and railings were custom-made, and interior finishing touches carried on the home’s theme.

Now, this home’s owners have a beautiful new space to live and grow in – and the neighbourhood has some gorgeous real estate to stare at.

Do you have a similar North Vancouver Craftsman home renovation project in mind?

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