Seven Buildings, One Vision

Location: Bowen Island
Year: 2023
Custom Builds

The 700-foot elevation of Bowen Island, British Columbia provides breathtaking views of Georgia Straight and the Sunshine Coast, but building an epic dream home on the hilly, rocky terrain is not for the faint of heart!

This custom private home on Bowen Island was built on the highest part of the property off a massive piece of granite. It consists of seven colourful buildings, adding up to around 5,000 square feet.

Built on a vacant lot, the private residence designed by James Tuer required electrical, sewer, and water installation, in addition to a 7.5 acre road built to access the site from the main road.

It was both one of the most challenging and enjoyable projects Andrew Kennedy and Kennedy Construction Company have had in recent years, and provided an opportunity for the highly-skilled team to showcase their expertise.

Custom Home Build on Bowen Island

While not the only difficult custom build they’ve completed on the small island, it’s certainly one of the most spectacular. In this project, absolutely every detail mattered as it was planned to perfection for this specific location by James Tuer Design Limited.

Each corner of the house was methodically thought out and put together, from the standing seam metal roofing to the hanging wood-burning fireplace.

James Tuer, the architect, was part of the project from beginning to end and selected the colours and materials for this build.

Incorporating Glulam Outside and In

The main part of the home features a stunning curved roof created from glulam beams, custom-made for this project. This specific curve slopes back and creates a wave effect.

Glulam (also known as glued laminated timber) is an innovative construction material, which is stronger than steel and can be used to create complex, curved beams.

These engineered wood beams were also used inside the library to create high vaulted ceilings, creating ample space for the two-storey floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

The home features fir wood-clad Marvin windows throughout, which provide both high performance and energy efficiency.

Many of the windows were different sizes and with each building having a different colour, the window order itself took some time to put together and get exactly right.

Kennedy Construction Company did detailed, high-performance work throughout the house, ensuring energy efficiency.

Inside the Home

When entering the main part of the home (the yellow stucco building with the sloped roof), visitors are greeted with an immense floating staircase to take them up to the main living area.

The main floor of the home features a massive bedroom. Upstairs is the living area and kitchen, with a deck connecting to other buildings. Off the main space is a building with red metal siding containing a restroom and an orchidarium.

Outside the Home

The front entrance to the home is a mix of paved stones and exposed concrete, merging the wildness of the property with the modern home.

Inside, the concrete look continues with the showcase floating staircase, made from concrete and integrated metal hardware.

Because of the home’s location and uniqueness, the team at Kennedy Construction Company had to always be 10-steps ahead on this project (sometimes even 20). It took about two years to complete and is a true one-of-a-kind gem in the heart of Howe Sound.

Ready for a Custom Build?

New construction is exciting and a big undertaking. Kennedy Construction knows the business from the ground up and can walk you through the steps to make your dream home a reality.

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