Vancouver Point Grey Home Renovation

A handsome new home situated in a highly desirable area, what possible work would need to be done? Well, the homeowners, Amer and Rahja, wondered if it was possible to make a full basement out of their crawlspace. After investigating the City codes, it was discovered they could reclaim the space below their house and Kennedy Construction was up to the task.

First, dirt and sand were dug out of the crawlspace by hand. Then, once a reasonable depth was achieved, a cement cutter was called in to cut a window gap into the foundation. This allowed better access. Now a conveyor belt could be used to speed up soil removal. Once the proper depth was met, Kennedy Construction moved into the rebuilding phase. Insulation and vapour barriers were installed. By tapping into the hot water floor heating system upstairs they were able to provide in-floor heating in the new concrete basement. The finished project housed a family room, TV room and dry storage.

Happy with the results and the extra square footage downstairs, Amer and Rahja also decided to redo their kitchen and the ensuite bathroom for the master bedroom. With the help of our designers teaming up with The Cross, their elegant home was now beautiful from top to bottom.

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