A Passive Home is the leading standard of energy-efficient design and construction. Passive Home design can reduce household energy consumption by 90%.

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What Is A Passive Home?

Passive Homes are the energy-efficient standard in design and construction. Minimal energy is used to run a Passive Home therefore reducing energy bills and carbon footprints. High efficiency windows, insulated exterior walls, floor slabs, and a heat recovery system are just some of the features that contribute to a Passive Home’s superior capabilities.

While Passive Homes are constructed with many of the same techniques used to build regular houses—a majority of the Passive Home process takes place in the design portion of the project. A Passive Home specialist will carry out all the modeling and calculations to ensure standards are met before construction can begin. To ensure optimal energy-efficiency—the home’s location, the geographical weather system, and average year round temperature are taken into consideration when a Passive Home is being designed.

While the process is slightly more rigorous, the end result is well worth it.

Passive House Construction Planning

Why Passive Homes?

This eco-friendly home offers year-round even temperature, a ventilation system that supplies clean air, and thick insulation that cuts out exterior noise—it is the ultimate in comfortable living. Maintenance and energy costs are greatly reduced and the quality of the design and build ensures a Passive Home will stand the test of time and have a higher resale value than a regular build.

Kennedy Construction Owner-Operator, Andrew Kennedy is a certified Passive Home tradesperson. Even if you don’t want to commit to a complete Passive Home design—Andrew can incorporate Passive Home features to make any build more sustainable.

As more stringent energy step codes come into effect and the Province aims to make all new buildings ‘net-zero’ energy ready by 2032—Passive Home design will be the standard to which all new homes and buildings will be held to in the near future.

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Below is a list of Passive Home reference material to help further explain how Passive Homes work and their many advantages.


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